The Isle of Dread

A Brief Intermission Into Insights Concerning J'zar Cooper

Being an outsider always came naturally to J’zar, being the outsider that he is. From an early age he was excluded and kept hidden from view by his mother from anyone who could show potential interest in his demonic lineage, whether it be the clandestine sort of interest for the blood or fate of a demon’s ill-gotten progeny, or the judgmental sort of interest that would more sooner send him back to his father’s realm. It was an exercise of futility for the young mother, whose vows within the church of Iomedae were cut almost immediately.

J’zar took naturally to life on the streets, his mother steadfast in her devotion to the religion that (in his eyes) ruined their lives, and grew up with a resentment towards their church. He did not stray from the path of good, however, having been raised to be a kind of generous person by his mother, the one person who he trusted and found solace in. Even after joining (conscripted, really, though he was eager enough to prove himself) the thieve’s guild, he specialized in robbing those merchants and blackmailing those officials who, in his eyes, “had it coming”. The guild was, to him, no more than a day job, one that he was particularly adept at (at least, portions of it).

When the opportunity arose to find his own fortune apart from the guild, he lept at it as a change of pace and, in his eyes, the opportunity for promotion. One can only rob the same spots so many times before suspicions arose as to the culprit, and when one gambles continuously, one will eventually lose. While burglering and reconniasance and blackmailing were all important skills for every thief to know, such jobs were akin to washing dishes or seating customers at a restaurant- and J’zar is interested in running his own restaurant someday. To him, the loot is secondary to building a reputation and trustworthy contacts. Information can be deadlier than even the sharpest knife.

He still harbors resentment with Iomaeae’s more fundamentalist followers- both because of the way they have treated him in the past, and because of their hate of demons, many of them can see him as a creature who, in the end, will succumb to his nature. This wrankles him more than anything because he desires nothing more than to prove he has a free will of his own, and is not bound by neither the heavens nor hells- but deep inside, he wonders if that is truly the case. It is true that he is tempted by the baser desires of envy, lust, pride, and wrath- but who isn’t? Does partaking in these sins mean that he has the ability to stumble from his mother’s teachings like every other creature with free will, or is it inevitable that he will fall? Of course he will argue vehemently that it is the former, but every accusation levelled at him reminding him of his demonic heriatige is soured by the little nagging voice of doubt, provoking him to hate- and fear.


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