The Isle of Dread

Bring our your dead indeed

After talking with the pathfinder society office at far shore we were asked to find the village of the lost natives. They had recovered a relic from the mainland during one of their hunting parties. Shortly after they were never heard from again went missing. We grabbed Earl and the local pathfinder society leader and headed off into the forest. Eadbald had decided to stay back at the church to help them not suck so much.

After a bit of searching Vendrilk managed to find the long lost village. After starting to search the area we were jumped by several wraiths. Sadly our conventional weapons and magic didn’t seem to be terribly effective, even the magical weapons didn’t cause as much devastation as usual. During the fight a lone figure appeared out of no where and was struggling to escape the several chains that wrapped around his figure. I broke away from the group to assist in breaking some of the chains on this mysterious figure while the group slung spells at the wraiths. Thankfully just as we managed to get the last chain off the figure a bright flash of white light erupted and banished the wraiths. We learned that this was the chief of the long lost tribe and they have been cursed by the idol they had brought back. He requested that we recover the relic and destroy it so that him and his tribe my be ridden of the curse. Upon asking where this idol was he motioned out towards the coast. The trees seemed to disappear leaving a clear view of three waterlogged ships rising from the sea spewing out creatures as they rose into the sky. We decided that we should go get Eadbald before attempting to tackle three cursed ships and bunch of god knows what else. So we told the man we would be back tomorrow free his people from their suffering.

Upon returning to far shore we found Eadbald and informed him of the situation. We promptly rested and headed out early in the morning. Earl and the pathfinder society agent stayed behind in town for safety reasons of course. Upon reaching the lost village more wraiths spawned, we kept them busy until the chained man re-appeared and quickly turned all focus into freeing him. Once he was free the ships started to rise again much like the previous day so we headed out to meet them. We ran head first into a wave of zombies and lacedons on land first. The zombies weren’t much of a threat as long as you didn’t stand next to them for too long. The lacedons however had some nasty diseases and paralyze to deal with. Most of the initial wave was taken care of by Cerwen’s black tentacles. The few that managed to escape his zone of weird tentacles were easily dispatched by the rest of us.

Now what we didn’t plan on was these three ships circling around us dropping off reinforcements constantly. Each wave brought two shadows, five lacedons, and 10 more zombies. Thankfully Vendrilk was easily able to dispatch the shadows before they could drain anyone’s strength enough to turn them into a shadow. Cerwen and his spider friend were able to block off a huge area and funnel most of the forces into a nice line for Eadbald to throwing lighting through. Vendrilk did however get stuck in the area of web from the spider and had a little bit of chomping from a lacedon before I could get over there to kill the lacedon. We were able to finish off most of the waves before another wave would descend upon us thankfully. We finally figured out a good rhythm and ended up getting ahead of the waves, so Vendrilk turned into a giant bird and took off towards the ships. Cerwen had his spider lady tangle him up in her own webbing, it looked like they had already done this several times in the past. She then climbed up a giant tree dragging him along. Vendrilk was able to pepper the captain with a bunch of lighting, the captain did a drive by grapple with 6 zombies. They all failed to grab onto him and plummeted to the ground hilariously though. The next drive by was a shanking as the captain took a swing at him. Cerwen and spider lady found themselves face to face with two shadows, both of which decided they wanted the spider as their new friend. At one point they had a levitating spider who couldn’t pickup much more than a small rock carrying Cerwen almost like a hot air ballon. Thankfully they managed to dispatch the shadows before they killed the giant spider.

I can only assume the captain was fed up with us because all three ships suddenly changed course and plummeted to the ground. The ships didn’t appear to take any damage from ramming into the ground and dumped the last of their horde out. Vendrilk and J’Zar flew off for the captain while trying to avoid the shadows. J’Zar showed the ones chasing him the light and vanquished them. Cerwen and Spider lady had fun with three more shadows who were in a prime position to mess up Cerwen until he too did some fancy magic. Eadbald and myself were left to deal with the horde of zombies and lacedons. Cerwen managed to find time to trap some of them in more black tentacles thankfully. I managed to cleave through several of them at a time but it still wasn’t enough to stop Eadbald from being overrun. He fell unconscious after trying to bomb them into oblivion. I believe it was at this point J’Zar managed to land the final blow on the captain and as the captain died so did the rest of the monsters. We managed to heal Eadbald back into the world of the living and proceeded to loot the ships before they disappeared.

We finally found the tiny idol and Immediately attempted to sunder it. Even though my blow felt powerful there appeared to be no damage on the idol and the son of a bitch stung me back. We carried it back near to farshore while J’Zar flew ahead to get a ship ready. We hurried onto the ship and set sail for the mainland. Thankfully we had decided to lock the idol up in a chest and work on sealing any of the holes in the chest. At midnight there was green light emitting from the chest and this strange gas seemed to flow out. It was all restricted to the lower decks thanks to being locked in that chest. That could have ended badly if it had hit the upper decks. After arriving at the shore we went back to the evil temple with the invisible gorillas and through the mirror into another dimension. We returned to the room where Earl was going to be sacrificed and the giant stone statue came to life. We tossed the idol into the lava pit and we were instantly showered with lava that had been displaced by an explosive force from the pit.

On our trek back to the great wall we noticed they only had one guard on the wall. After entering the gates we heard loud chanting from what seemed like the entire village. They were in a large circle chanting and praying to their volcano god. As I approached one to ask him why the large prayer circle a huge flame erupted from the middle and was soon replaced by a man-bat figure. He declared that what was stolen or burned be returned to him. He burst into a bunch of tiny bats on fire after making his declaration.


DustinGebhardt Zenebatos

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