The Isle of Dread

Session 1

The Tournament what's name I can't remember

Entered tournament. -5 gold.
Accepted betting pool. Oracle faked Swashbuckler’s name.

1 Chess Anyone?
Used a hint, half points. Dumped party in bag of holding and used immovable rod to slowly descend. Smashed table for lulz and to break spikes.

2 Hell To Pay
Demon Summoning
Used glue and objects to create ladder to climb out of pit.

3 Are Those Teeth Real?
Gibbering Mouther
Used spider climb potion and ropes to crawl up ceiling and out of pit.

4 Eye For An Eye
Totem Pole
Break the mirror, climb the pole.

5 Elf Hive

6 Seasick Sailors
Decode magic word to access boat, use boat and potions to cross water.

7 Piece of an Eggshell
Use planks to cross rocks in pool of lava.

8 Asphyxiate
Failed, no points.

9 Canine Crossing
Use magic to avoid dogs, use chains to cross pit over dogs.

10 Death Potential
Used hint, half points. Wizard figured out it that the phenome before the number pun in each round’s name matched up to a letter in the tick-mutant’s name.

Final Score: 320? out of a possible 400. 4th place out of our set.

Owe thieves guild a favor worth at least 100 gp.

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J’zar Cooper


DustinGebhardt Deudanann

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