The Isle of Dread

Into the pit

After slaying the troglodyte army, the team managed to capture one of the warriors they were fighting, and free the imprisoned troglodyte as well as the imprisoned human. The human seemed to be under the effect of Feeblemind, and was unresponsive. The captured troglodyte warrior was of no help, and the group bound him for questioning later. The troglodyte who was in the cage was most helpful, and after a few questions, the group managed to discover that the well near the north part of the troglodyte cave led down into a vast underground network of tunnels leading to another troglodyte town, and further downward past many terrors to the meeting place where the troglodytes traded slaves to the lords of dread for shadow pearls.

After taking the bound troglodyte and the feebleminded human to the ship, the group decided to leave them there and venture down to face the lords of dread themselves. As it would be at least a few days’ journey, they packed 20 days worth of supplies and set off to face the lords of dread.


DustinGebhardt alexja

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