The Isle of Dread

Post-battle activities

With Vanthus destroyed and Farshore protected from his last-ditch effort to unleash the chaos of a shadow pearl on the village, Lavinia and the party spent the next few days recovering from the attack and assisting with the dead and dying. Arrangements were made to contact the mage’s guild within Absalom and our treasure cache was taken back to be sold and orders taken for magical items to be purchased, taking roughly a week and a half.

One item purchased was a scroll of locate object in order for Targon to find glittering justice and have it teach him the ways of a paladin. it was located in one of the dockside warehouses in the nest of a strange magical beast that collected magical items, along with J’zar’s missing short sword and a few minor potions and scrolls. Targon swiftly dispatched it with one hit and glittering justice was retrieved. Targon pledged himself to the service of its god and together they have set down the path of learning the ways of a paladin.

Vendrilk and Eadbald assisted with the care and healing of the injured, and Vendrilk finished creating several magical items in his free time.

Vex presumably assisted with labor in shoring up Farshore’s defenses.

J’zar spent a few weeks re-learning some of his abilities, then set off alone to scout the island in search of the Lords of Dread. After a few minor run-ins with some of the island’s denizens, he discovered a dock leading into a cave set in the side of a cliff on the north side of the island, near where the Lords of Dread supposedly made their lair. A sickly-looking dimetron seemed to be sitting near the entrance, though it did not appear overly aggressive. After camping out overnight above the cliff, J’zar spotted several strange creatures exiting the cave and smearing some kind of strange black substance on the dinosaur before returning to the cave. Thinking discretion is the better part of valor, J’zar continued his circuit of the island without exploring the cave.

Upon returning, he found the town of Farshore beginning to mutter against Lavinia, saying her family was cursed and her presence attracted bad fortune. She proposed helping calm the settlement and protecting the various restocking ships coming to and from Farshore by negotiating with or slaying a dragon-turtle known for destroying ships. The turtle is known for residing along the north shore of the Isle of Dread, and so the party agreed to the suggestion, loaded up the Sea Wyvern with supplies, and set out to find the turtle along with a hefty ransom of treasure. Targon continues his paladin training aboard the ship.

A few days out, the ship passed over a swarm of sharks feasting on a squid beneath them. Vendrilk spotted a deeper shadow beneath the squid, so J’zar (being bored) jumped into the water to scope it out, and came face to face with a 60’ long mega shark who promptly attempted to eat him. J’zar immediately flew back out of the water followed by the shark breaching the surface, who then submerged once more. The shark seems to be following the ship with J’zar flying close behind it. Rankin has cast water walking on the party, Vendrilk cast lightning storm and readied an action to call down a bolt should the shark surface again, and both Vex and Targon and standing on the ship’s railing with readied actions to jump down onto the shark if it surfaces. J’zar flew down to the surface and began baiting the shark upwards, which is where we ended the session.


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