The Isle of Dread

Session 7

Lotus Dragons Overrun

The party continued to the dungeons of the Lotus Dragon base. They decided to spend a great amount of time and effort going through the trash.

Proceeding deeper into the base, they encountered Bluefeather (a parrot), and an unnamed female kobold cook/slave that attack Grimsdottir. (Named Chortle))

The room preceding Lady Lotus’s section was a trap; guards disguised as training dummies attacked and were swiftly dispatched.

The next obstacle was the spider/scorpion. It was rendered drunk via aerosolized rum and killed.

The next obstacle was a bugbear zombie. Most of the party went around it. It killed Franc, the summoner’s honey-badger.

Past the zombie, the party encountered Rowyn (Lady Lotus), and Gut Tugger (the Lotus Dragon). After being offered a position in the Lotus Dragon organization, Grimsdottir spent all her action points on ineffectually attacking Rowyn.

Rowyn then proceeded to turn into a cloud and run like a bitch.

Gut Tugger was eventually killed. The party returned to dispatch the zombie, which succeeded in downing almost every member of the party while the witch attempted to ‘trip’ the zombie from 60 feet away.

Grimsdottir has retired to the former bedroom of Lady Lotus to sleep and recover from being almost killed. Again.

A Map was found:
Islaran Estate (Harbormaster) : Red
Vanderborn: Gold
Garrisons: Blue and Gold
Kellani Estate: Blue
Various unknown others: variety of Blue, Gold, and/or Red

A Note was found:
- The Party’s names.

A List was found:
- Ships to be holed (as in sunk)

Another note was written in an unknown language.


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