The Isle of Dread

Teenage Mutilated Ninja Turtles

With the enormous 60-footer shark vanquished, the Barrel Warriors continued their journey up the coast towards the northern bay where the legendary dragon turtle Emraag was known to reside, and occasionally attack passing ships. During the final day of the voyage, the party debated the merits and downsides of paying off the creature rather than slaying it, but in the end, all agreed that such a vile beast should not be allowed to molest traffic to and from Farshore.

The plan was to lure the beast out into the open with the treasure, then ambush it. After preparing themselves to the best of their ability, they sailed into the middle of the bay and Eadbald let loose a mighty trumpet from the aquatic didgeridoo. Several minutes later, they spied the dark form of a massive creature rising from the deeps, and Ranking swiftly cast water walking on the party.

One it surfaced, it bellowed out a challenge in Aquan, which Vex relayed to the party. The party feigned friendship, offering valuable treasure in promise for leaving Farshore’s ships alone. Once it agreed to this purpose, they inquired whether Emraag would be willing to turn on the Crimson Fleet for a price. It agreed to re-negotiate with the pirates if we could match their price. J’zar offered his two magical daggers, and approached the monsterous dragon turtle with the valuable weapons. Both J’zar and Emraag feigned to negotiate while both prepared to attack the other.

Once J’zar came within range, Vendrilk summoned several dolphins behind the beast while J’zar attacked. Vex and Targon jumped down onto the water and ran towards Emraag, while Eadbald and Vendrilk began unloading lightning spells into the beast. Just as the dragon turtle prepared to submerge, Rankin cast the spell that would turn the tide of the battle into the Barrel Warriors’ favor: Major Curse.

Emraag managed to submerge, but from there on out struggled to act. The party was left standing on the surface of the water for several seconds waiting for it to emerge, which it finally did: just beneath the Sea Wyvern, capsizing the ship and sending the crew scattered around the surface of the bay. However, it was from then on out a sitting duck. For the remainder of the battle, the fighters wailed on the giant creature, with Targon doing the majority of the damage with his new Paladin powers and his potent sword, swiftly vanquishing the evil dragon. J’zar landed the slaying blow, and before the beast sank to the bottom, called Vendrilk over to slice off a portion of the beast to create a treasure map and discover the riches of it’s lair.


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