The Isle of Dread

The end of the beginning

After putting down Olangru, the demonic bar’lrgula and his simian lovers, and thereby clearing Fogmire of the haunting presence, our adventurers led the ragged, road-weary band of settlers on the last stage of their journey. With the Great Wall of Dread finally in sight, our band of heroes came across one final conflict- what appeared to be several ill-equipped, yet brave native warriors surrounded by a flock of feathered beasts and being taken out one by one. Without hesitation the party charged into battle, with the rogue and fighter each drawing the ire of two groups, and leaving the oracle to clean up with webs and tentacles and the power of the interstellar void. The alchawitch and druid followed behind and tended to the fallen natives, saving most of them and driving off the remainder of the birds.

The grateful natives, bruised and battered, led the party back to the village of Tanaroa just on the other side of the towering wall keeping out the most dangerous beasts and creatures of the isle, where it came as a bit of a surprise that the town had an odd custom of turning their fallen warriors into zombies. While happy to participate in the feasting of the returning warriors who had proved themselves in battle (with a helping hand by our heroes), the party and settlers both were eager to complete the final stage of their journey. The next morning they hiked to the village of Mora on the shore of the main continent, where they secured passage on primitive seafaring boats to take them out to the island where the settlement of Farshore was located.

To their shock and dismay, when they came close to the village, they were greeted by the sounds of battle and the sight of smoke rising from burning buildings coming from the town. Our adventurers each set off in a different direction to take care of the marauding menace: J’zar flew to the north end of town to rescue a woman trapped inside a burning building, Vendrilk and Cerwen ran south to deal with a pirate chasing around a settler, and Vex went straight for what appeared to be the captain himself. The town was saved by the heroic efforts of the heroes who had apparently arrived just in time, and after putting out the fires, made an emotional reunion with Lavinia who had arrived safe and sound with her crew aboard the Sea Wyvern. Avner had a reunion of his own with the leader of the settlement, one Lord Manthalay Meravanchi, an uncle of his- who appeared to be both surprised and annoyed at the sight of Avner before masking his expression and greeting the sod warmly.

While this was going on, Vex stole the pirate ship and gleefully shooting the few remaining pirates trying to swim for their lives.

The happy reunion was dampened by the grim news that this pirate assault was but a scouting party for the main fleet of Crimson Commandos on their way to the settlement of Farshore. The heroes have precious little time to prepare the meager settlement for the brunt of the assault…


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