The Isle of Dread

The Recap to end all Recaps

The party left on a voyage to bring settlers and supplies to the settlement founded on the isle of dread, leaving on three (?) one ship provided by Lavinia Vanderboren and funded by the Meravanchi Family (Avner’s family) and one ship recovered by the party after it was abandoned by smugglers at Kraken Cove.

The party spies an island with some ancient ruins and stops to investigate One of the NPC passengers, a gnome and an expert on the Isle of Dread, named Urol joined the crew with the requirement that the group stop at the ancient Olman ruined city of Tamoachan. Outside the ruins are a few basilisks and several petrified statues which the party frees (the ones not worn away by wind and rain) before delving into the ruins and discovering a map of an ancient city and some kind of key.

Another island they passed was one that looked as if it were blasted by some evil force. Stopping to investigate, they mercilessly slaughter some innocent -bug-owlbears and capture their young to raise for arena fighting when they get older.

Later on, they are chased by a pirate ship, and manage to damage it enough to flee heroically.

Once out to sea, a slutty settler convinces J’zar to go skinny dipping with her. J’zar swims with the sharks for a while before admitting to the rest of the party what happened. Later on, at the next stop, they discover that their old friend Rowyn Kellani had snuck aboard and attempted to sabotage the entire operation. They beat the tar out of her at the next island stop and summarily had her executed.

After leaving behind a few settlers and crewmembers at the village, they set out once again and were set on by a hurricane that separated the two ships. The one that our brave adventurers set out on wandered into a field of kelp expanded out by the mother of all, who was attempting to cover the whole planet with kelp. They journeyed to the source of the kelp forest and dispatched her, freeing the ship in the process.

Afterwards, they were set upon by a giant squid, and killed that too.

Reaching the isle of dread at long last, they were again set upon by a storm, and the ship broke apart mere yards from the beach. Our brave adventurers rescued the remaining settlers and a few meager provisions, and were congratulating themselves on their clever usage of barrel mechanics when suddenly a T-Rex erupted from the jungle and promptly ate one of the settlers. The heroes killed the beast and decided it tasted a bit like alligator.

The gnome Urol determined that the ship had landed on the northeast part of the island. The bad news: the settlement was located on the southern shore of the island. The good news: there exists a path that would take them through the jungle to the settlement itself.

Our heroes battled their way through the jungle, defeating dinosaurs and -Arroka-terror-bird alike, and receiving a bit of assistance from spider-girl until they came upon a tunnel through one of the mountain ranges. It was then that J’zar felt the evil eye of some horrible being watching their every move, and urged the rest of the party into the safety of the dark burial tunnels filled with mummies. Some of the party members decided to explore amongst the burial nooks of the mummies, drawing the ire of the ancient beings, who rewarded our heroes with crotch rot that could only be cured by heroically fleeing back to spider-girl and begging her assistance with some curse removals. Round two of the mummy-tunnels were much more successful, and the party found a pair of red rods and a pair of blue rods to escape the tunnels to resume the path on the other side of the mountain.

The path continues down the valley of the mountain through the territory of several nasty gargoyle clans, who harass the party until they wake up to a strange sight- several seabirds all staked and splayed with strange wounds in the exact formation of the party as it slept that night. Later that day, they come across a man in their path who stabs himself and jumps off of a cliff. And later still, they find a man staked in a wooden X with infernal writing cut into his chest, the undead creature happy to answer the party’s questions with the same answer every time.

Later that night, three space monkeys phased into the camp, grabbed Urol, and fled. The next morning, our heroes led the unsettled settlers to a large cave fashioned in the likeness of two monkey heads, discovered Urol‘s bloodied belongings, and delved inside to confront the monkey menace. The party solved a riddle that phased them deep into the monkey’s lair, killed several space-apes and regular-apes, discovered Urol‘s fate, and confronted a snake-woman who seemed to be in charge of the joint. The group decimated the snake’s skeletal minions protecting her and charged into the room, defeating snake-girl even as she attempted to flee.


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