The Isle of Dread

Trouble in Farshore

After returning to Farshore from their adventures defeating the aspect of Gorgon, the BARREL WARRIORS returned to find a pair of disastrous occurences: Lavinia had been kidnapped, and the townsfolk were packing up at the apparent order of the Meravanchis. Failing to talk sense into the Meravanchis, the adventurers instead turned to the four members of the town council, and with a little help from Eadbald’s lesser silent metamagic rod and Basil’s charm person spells, managed to convince them to try and talk the townsfolk into staying. The adventurers didn’t wish to waste time to see if they were successful, instead setting off immediately for Breakwater Bay to search for Lavinia. Vex was visited by an image of Harliss in a dream asking for the party to meet her at a certain whaling building within Breakwater Bay (Red Tide?) for more information about Lavinia. Eadbald was adamant about not going, mentioning something about a nightmare from his past, but eventually relented on the condition that he remain on the ship to guard it and not step foot onto land.

The rest of the party was able to locate the pirate haven of Breakwater Bay and dressed as pirates to scope out the city, hoping to discover more information about Vanthus and Lavinia. What they discovered was not encouraging- the Crimson Fleet seemed to be the most feared party in town, but they were by no means the only contenders, with a group of cannibalistic monks, a gnomish necromancer, a wizard with an imp consort, and a pleasure house run by a succubus as well as a shadowy group of Yuan-ti among others vying for the title.

Near sunset the party made their way to the Red Tide whaling building, discovering what appeared to be Harliss collapsed on the ground. Upon reaching her, the corpse dissolved into a succubus, and several Yuan-ti assassins winked into existance along with a Yuan-ti miniboss. One of the assassins slayed Basil instantly. With little room to maneuver, Vendrilk summoned his storm lord power to turn into a whirlwind in an attempt to cover the party and trap the assassins, but the miniboss instead killed him in a single flurry of arrows from his bow. Vex managed to eventually bring down the three assassins singlehandedly, while J’zar made directly for the miniboss. Upon reaching him, the boss sent a wave of terror through the Tiefling, causing him to instead flee to the ship, leaving Vex to face the miniboss alone. After nearly dying to a flurry of arrows, he decided discretion was the better part of valor and fled to the ship. J’zar returned later to discover the Yuan-ti going through Vendrilk’s and Basil’s belongings, but with no way to fight the creature alone, returned to the ship.

A bit later, after Eadbald healed Vex and J’zar, the pair returned to the whaling building with Eadbald’s wand of invisibility only to discover the bodies gone and the blood trail leading out to the main road. They were tracked to a metal terrace deep in the city where several other bodies were shackled and impaled in the ring, with Vendrilk still alive, but only weakly. Basil was impaled on meat hooks nearby, while the rotting body of the Jade Raven dwarf Kaskus Kiel was barely recognizable a bit further down. J’zar, still invisible, created a distraction by burning a nearby building and slicing off one of Basil’s and Kaskus’s fingers and dragging Vendrilk’s alive but unconscious body back home to the ship. With resurrection materials kept stocked on board, Eadbald healed up Vendrilk who was able to resurrect Basil. Unfortunately the pair’s belongings were nowhere to be found, including Basil’s spellbook.

The group plots their next move aboard the Sea Wyvern.


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