The Isle of Dread

Urol doesn't have fun in monkey town

Continuing through the monkey dungeon, our brave adventurers heroically loot snake-woman’s smoking hot corpse for any valuables she may still have before continuing on. In the final room of monkey town, they find that Urol has been tied up with a stranger above a fire pit and were being slowly roasted alive. When J’zar flew up to attempt to untie Urol, space-monkeys began teleporting into the room to fight our heroes, and Vex tossed him a rope to help pull Urol and the stranger back to free J’zar up to join in on the fight. Once the monkey was defeated and Urol and the stranger seemed safe, the giant multi-tentacled monkey-statue at the back of the room began to come alive. With some quick healing from the party members and J’zar helpfully distracting the tentacle-monkey-statue by being crushed to death, Vex was able to get in enough sword strikes to take the statue down once and for all. With the threat gone and the forest safe (or safer, at any rate) to pass through once again, they continued on their way.


DustinGebhardt DustinGebhardt

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