A proud man from a quiet village of Relema, Vendrilk left the village of toil and no future for the life in a larger city of opportunity. The song of the seas captured him, so he quickly found work on a merchant vessel, but never took to the lifestyle of the sailor. They belittled him for always trying to save wages for a home and eventually a family, but Vendrilk knew they were jealous of his plan. This jealousy finally peaked when the other sailors of the merchant vessel told their captain, the greedy Dantgen, who decided it was easier to toss Vendrilk overboard and collect his back wages than have then crew constantly grumbling about the source of money so near.

While Vendrilk slept, his crewmates seized him then threw him overboard in the midst of a fierce storm. The storm increased in fury until, he last saw the ship go over a large wave, then a bolt of lightning came down to light the ship aflame. With a new found determination, Vendrilk struggled to stay alive until a passing vessel was kind enough to leave him at the next port Always respectful of the forces beyond his grasp, Vendrilk was certain his survival was due to the power of the oceans and the storm that struck the ship, the hand of Gozreh. Since he was too poor to afford living in the city at this time, Vendrilk moved to living off the land and during one of his hunts, he met a passing “naturalist.”

The older man, Xung, told him of the ways of the wild and how to honor the forces of the great natural world around us. Vendrilk traveled with Xung for several years before learning the ways of the Druidic arts. During this time, Xung became weaker and tired easily, eventually settling down in a small cave beside a large forest. It was here that Xung told Vendrilk to move on, to continue honoring the land and to please the powers of nature.

The fury of the water and weather has never left him, and Vendrilk longs to be among the seas again. The mysteries of what lies beyond the horizon call to him; perhaps revenge or knowledge of the vile crew and captain who betrayed him. or the lure of unexplored countries with hidden wealth.


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