Benefactor of the PCs. Head of the Vanderboren estate and brother of Vanthus. Their parents recently died in a fire aboard a ship.

Hired the PCs to:

  • Recover the Blue Nixie (fighting off Soller
  • Escort her to the family vaults underneath Castle Teraknian
  • Find her brother Vanthus

Previously a naive aristocrat’s daughter, Lavinia was forced to return home and begin putting her family’s affairs in order on short notice. During this time, she began moving away from the life of a noble to that of an adult with passion and direction. She has recently taken up the sword and is learning what it means to fight.

Was found captured in her room during the raid on her home, she was freed and healed, then she chose to help with the fight to reclaim her manor. She fought in the trophy area and basement battles of her home.

She guided the Blue Nyx to Farshore after being separated from the party and Sea Wyvern. Upon arrival, she was friendly with both the Olman and the Farshore colonists, working to bring the two groups closer together. She was successfully voted in as Mayor of Farshore, following a close election that had Manderlay melt down over supposed theft of goods from his home. She helped lead the defense of Farshore during the attack by Vanthus and the pirates.


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