Rowyn is a beautiful human woman with long red hair tied back in a ponytail. Her eyes sparkle like chips of green jade and she moves with unsettling grace. On one shoulder she wears a tattoo of a lotus flower while on the other shoulder is an intricate dragon tattoo, its tail coiling down the length of her arm.

Keeps a pet crested felldrake named Gut Tugger.

When the PCs initially met her, she addressed them as “Lavinia’s flunkies” after giving them an appraising look. She then offered a job to the PCs: work for her instead of Lavinia. Grimsdottir answered her with several swipes of her scimitar.

Found stowing away on the Sea Wyvern, posing as a colonist to the Isle of Dread, she made an assassination attempt on J’zar but was stopped by an arrow from Skald . Taken captive, she was put to death by Captain Amella Venkalie


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