Missing brother of Lavinia Vanderboren. Stole 80% of the wealth from the family vault. Recently tried to kill the PCs by trapping them underneath Parrot Island. Somehow involved with the Lotus Dragons.

All around scumbag, killed his parents in order to steal control of the wealth and assets of the Vanderboren family. Had a passing sense of sentiment for his sister, but was prepared to leave her homeless and penniless to further his own goals.

Carried on a relationship with Rowyn Keilani and Brissa Santos. Assisted with funding of the Lotus Dragons to help further his goals.

Was present at Kraken Cove with Brissa Santos and Captain Harliss Javell, trying to finalize an illicit trade that was cover for an attempted assassination of the pirate captain Harliss. According Captain Harliss, Vanthus was NOT affected by the Abyssal transformations that corrupted the crews of all the ships present, pirates in the cove, and nearby wildlife.

Enjoyed setting fires; really enjoys trapping people on burning boats, or surrounding the boats with large fires and forcing people to suffer a fiery death.


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