The Isle of Dread

Kyras hugged Mira as they watched the pyreflies in the dark. He never expected to be raising a child. Helf-elves were sterile. Something akin to mules, apparently. The comparison was not exactly flattering, but appeared to be accurate on a biological level.

He looked down at the girl by his side. She was so… small. His mind flashed back to the letter he’d received from her parents shortly after he’d healed Mira’s stomach wound. It was so… dismissive. Like they were glad to be rid of her. He turned back to the pyreflies.


“Yes, Mira?” He looked back down as she felt her tense up nervously. She didn’t return his gaze.

“Um… Can… Could I call you Dad?”

Garidan strode into the room and quietly watched his wife weave magical energies. Lestari continued her work as she spoke. “Yes dear?”

“Our youngest is missing.”

Lestari lowered her arms and turned to face her husband.

“Seems the ascetic she was with…” He rifled though the papers in his hands. “Kyras. Seems he’s disappeared. She ran off to find him.”

She sighed. “How long until she can be recovered? I don’t need some haematurge using her as reagents against me.”

“Weeks or months. She headed for Saserine; middling trading port. We don’t have any assets there. The Bora will get there pretty quickly, but even Bloodhounds will take some time to track her down in a trade port.”

Lestari made an irritated noise. “I though we were done with… Mira years ago. But no; nothing can ever just stay done.” She flicked her hand at the spell she had been weaving. “Not even magic. Always putting out fires…”

“Indeed. I’ll have Isolde keep you updated if anything happens.” Lestari gave a weary nod as her husband left.

Mira looked up at the building, and back down into her notebook and at the token she’d found in her Dad’s room.

‘Pathfinder Society’

This was the place.

She stepped in and began looking for someone helpful. A secretarial looking dwarf approached her. “Can I help you, young miss?”

Mira fumbled through her things. “I, uh-” She pulled out the token and showed it to the dwarf. “I’m looking for my Dad. A half-elf. He used to work with you guys.”


Nice :)

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