Cerwen, Aasimar Oracle

Tea ceremonies with otherworldly abominations


hit points 10
AC 18

INITIATIVE +4, 3 from traits and one from dex mod
STR 16
DEX 12
CON 12
INT 10
CHA 18


Morningstar 1d8+3, +3 to hit

Malevolent spirits follow you wherever you go, causing minor mishaps and strange
occurrences (such as unexpected breezes, small objects moving on their own, and
faint noises).


Gift of madness:
Single living creature within 30 ft becomes confused, will save negates.

Cloak of darkness:
Shadowy cloak grants +4 AC and +2 circumstance bonus to stealth checks


Even in the frozen eternal darkness of the void, presentation, etiquette and warm beverages are the yardstick of refinement.

Many followings of faith believe that those who die go to great cities, or high heavens or rivers of souls, but Cerwen is acutely aware that most of them seem to remain relatively close to where they first fell. Often they’re aggressive initially, but through careful diplomacy they can be placated. His studies are dedicated to listening to their stories so that they might find respite in company or even some measure of peace.

After a childhood spent loitering in cemeteries, his parents thought it best to send him away to study at a bard’s school, though he left shortly to wander abroad. Staying fleet afoot helps to keep people at arms length, which keeps their suspicions and superstitions a few steps behind.

“A new destination per day keeps the paladins at bay”, he says.

That said, there are a few sanctuaries in the world for puzzle pieces that don’t fit anywhere else. The Bard’s College remains friendly, despite his quick abandonment of his performance studies there. More than a few great bards were once awkward middle children.

Matilda the Alchemist was a good point of contact for Cerwen. While their livelihoods only rarely intersected, one seldom turns down odd-jobs while living on the road. Using his vesseldom to spirits as a detection system to find forgotten historical battlegrounds, he would aid her in the collection of tumbling blackshod, which rolls along and only takes root above sites where casketless, natural burials have occurred. In exchange, she gave a day’s pay and, as one of the few people who maintained decent libraries, she could offer access to books about strange and controversial topics.

Cerwen’s path would have potentially crossed with Grimsdottir and Jzar during his time spent chasing rare plants with Matilda and her family. His path also crossed with plenty of less than scrupulous merchants who would buy scavenged things from the many fallen adventurers of the world.

When one dies in a suit of armor and another puts it on, the ghost comes with it. This doesn’t affect most people because they aren’t conduits to angry spirits, but because of this, Cerwen only buys new gear. Besides, one wonders about the quality of armor that has failed once before.

Cerwen, Aasimar Oracle

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